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Welcome to Sabieng (pronounce as sa-biang). The Ancient Thai word Sabieng means reserved savory food. Traditional homemade and eaten when someone is traveling in great distance. As you visit our restaurants, we invite you to enjoy our Sabieng. Our home-style authentic Thai Cuisine is made with fresh ingredients, using trans-fat free oil, NO MSG! We also offer a vegetarian menu and some of our dishes can be modify to vegetarian. Please enjoy!



1.SPRING ROLL  Vegetables 4.95                                 8.MAINE CRAB RANGOON      5.95
Spring roll                  Shrimp 5.95                                 Crispy wontons stuffed with
Rice noodles, lettuce, Cucumbers,                               Maine crab, cream cheese,
Scallion, Carrots and basil                                              carrots and scallion.
Hand rolled in rice paper.                                              Served with sweet and sour sauce.
Served with sweet and  sour sauce.

2.EGG ROLL                                4.95                               9.PORK DUMPLINGS                5.95
Fried vegetable egg rolls.                                                Pan-Fried or steamed marinated
Served with sweet and sour sauce.                               pork dumplings.
3.SHRIMP ROLL                        5.95                                 Served with ginger soy sauce.
Fried shrimp in an egg roll wrap.                                   10.CRISPY SHRIMP                    5.95
Served with sweet and sour sauce.                                Deep-Fried breaded shrimp.
4.CHIVE DUMPLINGS             5.95                                   Served with sweet and sour sauce
Pan-fried or steamed                                                        11.CHICKEN WINGS                  4.95
Chive dumplings.                                                               Deep-Fried marinated
Served with ginger soy sauce.                                         Chicken in Thai herbs.
5.GOLDEN TOFU                      4.95                                  12.VEGETABLE TAMPURA      5.95
Fried tofu with crushed peanuts.                                    Mix vegetable light battered
Served with sweet and sour sauce.                                And deep fried, Brown and crispy.
6.CHICKEN SATAY                    6.95                                  Served with sweet and sour sauce.
Pan-grilled marinated fish seasoned                             13.SHRIMP TAMPURA             5.95
with Thai herbs.                                                                  Shrimp light battered and deep
Served with peanut sauce.                                                fried, brown and crispy.
7.THAI FISH CAKE                    6.95                                   Served with sweet and sour sauce.
Deep-fried marinated fish seasoned
with Thai herbs.
Served with cucumber relish.


14.TOM YUM GOONG  (Shrimp) 4.95                     17.WONTON SOUP                3.95
               (Chicken or tofu)              3.95                      Marinated pork and shrimp
Thai hot and sour soup with,                                      in a clear broth with broccoli,
Fresh mushrooms, tomatoes                                      Scallion, And cilantro.
and cilantro                                                                    18.VEGETABLE SOUP            3.95
15.MISO SOUP                                  4.95                      Assorted vegetables and fresh
Miso soup yields a light yet deep                                tofu simmered in clear base broth
and flavorful taste. It is complimented                       topped with scallions.
with fresh tofu and seaweed.
Top with chopped scallion.
16.TOM KAI GAI                                3.95
Thai coconut soup with chicken,
Fresh mushrooms, Cilantro.


19.ORGANIC MIXED GREENS     5.95                       20.SEAWEED SALAD              6.95       
Fresh organic greens.                                                 Fresh organic greens, Seaweed
Served with ginger vinaigrette.                                  And sesame seeds.
Served with ginger vinaigrette.

                                FRIED RICE                      Lunch             Dinner

Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Vegetable                    7.95                  10.95
Beef Flank                                                        8.95                  10.95
Shrimp, Scallops, or Squid                            9.95                  11.95
Duck                                                                 9.95                  11.95
Seafood(Shrimp, Scallop, & Squid)              10.95                13.95
Jasmine rice with eggs and mixed vegetables.
Jasmine rice with green curry paste, Broccoli and bamboo shoots.
Jasmine rice with eggs, Pineapple, Onions and snow peas.

                       NOODLE DISHES                                  Lunch               Dinner

Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Vegetable                                  7.95                     10.95
Beef Flank                                                                      8.95                     10.95
Shrimp, Scallops, Or Squid                                          9.95                     11.95
Duck                                                                                9.95                     11.95
Seafood(Shrimp, Scallops, & Squid)                          10.95                    13.95

24.PAD THAI                                                            28.CRISPY PAD THAI
Rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts                          Crispy egg, Noodles with egg, Bean sprout,
and scallions.                                                           Scallions, and crushed peanuts.
25.PAD SE-EWE                                                       29.PAD WOON SEN
Fresh wide rice noodles, eggs,                             Cabbage, carrots, bamboo and snow peas
broccoli, and carrots.                                             with clear bean thread noodle, a choice
26.DRUNKEN NOODLES                                       of meat, stir fried with garlic and ginger.
Fresh wide rice noodles, Fresh basil,                  30.PAN FRIED NOODLE
Eggs, Onion, Red peppers,                                    Crispy egg noodle topped with
Broccoli and Bamboo shoots                               broccoli, red pepper, snow pea,
27.RAD NAR                                                             onion and carrot.
Fresh wide rice noodle, Broccoli, Carrots           31.LO MEIN
And bamboo shoots tossed                                  Lo mein, Broccoli, Carrots, Red pepper,
in a house sauce reduction.                                  Onion, bamboo shoot and snow peas.
Lo mein, Broccoli, carrots, Red pepper,
onion, snow peas, and bamboo shoot.
Rice is not served with noodle dishes.
Entrees can be prepared to your hot and spicy preference.
Spicy levels 1 – 4

                            NOODLE SOUP                                            

Chicken, tofu, Vegetable, Pork                                          7.95
Beef or beef meatballs                                                       8.95
Shrimp                                                                                  9.95
Seafood(Squid, Scallops and shrimp)                             10.95

Rice noodles, onions, scallion, bean sprout, basil and lime.                                      

                         THAI CURRY                                  Lunch        Dinner

Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Vegetable                           7.95              10.95
Beef Flank                                                               8.95              10.95
Shrimp, Scallops, Or Squid                                  9.95              11.95
Duck                                                                        9.95              11.95
Seafood(Shrimp, Scallops, & Squid)                  10.95             13.95

34.MASSAMAN CURRY                                            37.GREEN CURRY
Potatoes, carrots, onions and peanuts.                Broccoli, green beans, red peppers,
35.RED CURRY                                                           bamboo shoots and basil
Red peppers, green beans, carrots                        38.PANANG CURRY
bamboo shoots and basil.                                       Red pepper, green bean, carrot,
36.MANGO CURRY                                                    Kaffir lime leave and basil.
Yellow curry, snow peas, onions                             39.YELLOW CURRY
and tropical mangoes.                                              Light coconut milk simmered with
yellow curry powder, potatoes,
Fresh pineapple chunk,
snow pea and onion.

All Curry entrees are served with jasmine or brown rice.
Entrees can be prepared to your hot and spicy preferences.
Spicy level 1 – 4

                        WOK STIR-FRIED                      Lunch       Dinner

Chicken, pork, tofu, Vegetable                        7.95            10.95
Beef Flank                                                           8.95            10.95
Shrimp, Scallops, or Squid                               9.95            11.95
Duck                                                                     9.95            11.95
Seafood(Shrimp, scallops, & Squid)                10.95          13.95

40.FRESH BASIL                                                              46.PRIK-KHING
Red peppers, onions,                                                     Green beans, snow pea, Kaffirs lime
Green beans, bamboo shoot                                        leaves, Basil and prik-khing curry.
And basil.                                                                          47.FRESH GINGER
41.BROCCOLI                                                                   Fresh ginger, onion, snow pea,
Broccoli, carrot, pepper,                                                 fresh mushroom, and scallion
fresh mushroom and with brown sauce.                    48.KAENG PAR
42.FRESH GARLIC AND BLACK PEPPER                       Green bean, bamboo shoot,
Snow peas, carrot, fresh mushrooms,                         Fresh mushroom, basil.
fresh garlic and black pepper.                                       49.SASAME TOFU
43.LEMONGRASS                                                             Lightly battered tofu deep fried
Onions, Red peppers, green beans,                              with sweet and creamy peanut
Bamboo shoots and lemongrass.                                  sauce.
44.ROASTED CASHEW NUTS                                          Served with broccoli on the side.
Red peppers, onions, carrots,                                         50.MIXED VEGETABLES
pineapple and cashew nuts.                                           Chef selected vegetables in a
45.NAM PRIK PAO                                                            house sauce.
Red peppers, onions, carrots,
bamboo shoots, basil
and thai chili paste.
All stir fried entrees are served with jasmine or brown rice
Entrees can be prepared to your hot and spicy preference.
Spicy level 1 – 4

                                                                   CHEF’S SPECIAL                                      

51.THAI ORANGE CHICKEN OR TOFU                                                              11.95
Light battered chicken, stir fried with pepper, carrot, onion and broccoli with
sweet and sour sauce
52.TERIYAKI CHICKEN                                                                                           11.95
Marinated chicken topped with teriyaki sauce.Served with steamed broccoli,
Carrots and snow peas.
53.SPECIAL:HOT BASIL                                                                                          11.95
Choice of grounded chicken, grounded pork or tofu.
Sauteet chopped red pepper, onion, green bean and fresh basil leaves.
54.RAMA GARDEN                                                                                                  11.95
Grilled marinated chicken on a bed of steamed vegetables.
Served with sweet and creamy peanut dressing
55.SESAME CHICKEN                                                                                             11.95
Lightly battered chicken topped with sweet and creamy peanut sauce.
Served with broccoli on the side.
56.SPICY CHICKEN                                                                                                  11.95
Sautéed white meat with onion, green bean, bamboo shoot and fresh mushroom
in house spicy sauce.
57.SPICY SALMON                                                                                                    14.95
Poached salmon in a house curry sauce with fresh basil and kaffir lime leaves.
58.CRISPY HADDOCK                                                                                               14.95
Crispy haddock filet topped with a hot sweet and sour sauce.
59.SALMON GINGER                                                                                                 14.95
Steamed with onions, scallions and fresh mushrooms in ginger sauce.
60.HADDOCK A LA BANGOK                                                                                   14.95
Green beans, broccoli and bamboo shoots in a green curry sauce.
61.LEMONGRASS DUCK                                                                                           17.95
Crispy boneless half a duck topped with onions, red pepper, fresh mushroom and
bamboo shoots in a special lemongrass sauce.
62.BANGKOK DUCK                                                                                                  17.95
Crispy boneless half a duck topped with a  garlic ginger sauce.
63.DUCK PANANG                                                                                                    17.95
Crispy boneless half a duck with red peppers, carrots, green beans and fresh basil
in a panang curry.
All chefs’ Specials and served with jasmine or brown rice.
Entrée can be prepared for hot and spicy to your preference.
Spicy levels 1 – 4

                                                                         DINNER SPECIAL

UDON GREEN CURRY                                                    $11.95
Green bean, bamboo shoot, broccoli, red pepper, basil and green curry
with chicken, beef, pork, or tofu Udon noodle.

UDON DRUNKEN NOODLE                                          $11.95
Stir-fried udon noodle, broccoli, onion, bamboo shoot, green bean and basil
with chicken, beef, pork, or tofu.

                                                                     SIDE ORDERS
Jasmine rice, brown rice or rice noodles               1.50
Steamed mixed vegetables                                       3.95

CRISPY FRIED BANANA                                                 3.95
Sliced bananas wrapped in pastry fried and served with a drizzle of honey
And topped with sesame seeds.
MANGO STICKY RICE                                                     4.95
Sticky rice topped with coconut. Around with fresh mango.
PUMPKIN CUSTARD                                                       6.00
Remarkable thai custard mixed with eggs, coconut milk, and salt.